Mansfield Park: Episode 1.5 – Extras from episode 1

This is a bit of an in-between episode. About two months ago, when we were getting ready to record Episode 2, Ellen came down with a bad virus – not COVID, but recovery has been a slow process. We’re just about to start recording again, but it means there’s going to be more of a gap before Episode 2, and probably between the other episodes as well, since we don’t have any edited and ready to go in advance.

To fill in the space before Episode 2, we’ve put together some of the bits we had to edit out of Episode 1. It’s a bit disjointed, but we hope you enjoy it.

Creative commons music used:

3 thoughts on “<em>Mansfield Park</em>: Episode 1.5 – Extras from episode 1”

  1. Thank you both. She is recovering well, and we have recorded the next episode. I hope to have it edited and ready to release just after Christmas.


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