Season 3: Mansfield Park

From 23 November 2021 to 6 November 2022, we read through Mansfield Park (this season underwent several interruptions). In every episode, we covered up to five chapters of the book, and also looked at one character in detail, and some aspect of the historical context. Each episode finished with a discussion of how the chapters were addressed in the various popular culture versions of the book.

Episode 1: Chapters 1-3Mrs NorrisSlavery
Episode 1.5:
Extra bits from Episode 1
Episode 2: Chapters 4-7Mary CrawfordBaronets, MPs and ‘interest’
Episode 3: Chapters 8-11Maria and Julia BertramImprovement of estates
Episode 4: Chapters 12-16Tom BertramThe theatre
Episode 5: Chapters 17-21Sir Thomas BertramClergy
Episode 6: Chapters 22-25Dr and Mrs Grant The Navy
Episode 7: Chapters 26-30 Lady BertramComing out, balls and dancing
Episode 8: Chapters 31-34Henry CrawfordOrdination
Episode 9: Chapters 35-39Edmund BertramThe Marines
Episode 10: Chapters 40-45The Price familyServants
Episode 11: Chapters 46-48Fanny Price Education and principle

We also talked about the following popular culture versions in most episodes:

and these popular culture versions on more than one occasion:

Map of locations

Below is a Google map of the places mentioned in Mansfield Park, including approximate locations of the houses.

Colour coding:

  • Blue is Bertram family
  • Aqua is Price family
  • Olive is Mrs Norris
  • Red is Crawford/Grant families
  • Purple is Rushworth family