Season 2: Sense and Sensibility

From 27 December 2020 to 28 June 2021, we read through Sense and Sensibility. In every episide, we covered approximately five chapters of the book, and also looked at one character in detail, and some aspect of the historical context. Each episode finished with a discussion of how the chapters were addressed in the various popular culture versions of the book.

Episode 1: Chapters 1-5John and Fanny DashwoodWills and marriage settlements
Episode 2: Chapters 6-11Mrs JenningsHow members of the gentry spent their time
Episode 3: Chapters 12-15Colonel BrandonThe military in the East Indies
Episode 4: Chapters 16-20Mr and Mrs PalmerSensibility and romanticism
Episode 5: Chapters 21-25Lucy and Anne SteeleChildhood
Episode 6: Chapters 26-31Marianne DashwoodDuelling
Episode 7: Chapters 32-36Mrs DashwoodLondon
Episode 8: Chapters 37-41Edward FerrarsThe clergy
Episode 9: Chapters 42-46John WilloughbyMedical practitioners
Episode 10: Chapters 47-50Elinor DashwoodArt, music and writing

We also talked about the following popular culture versions in most episodes:

and these popular culture versions on more than one occasion:

Map of locations

Below is a Google map of the places mentioned in Sense and Sensibility, including approximate locations of the houses.

Colour coding:

  • Red is the Dashwood/Ferrars families
  • Purple is the Jennings/Middleton/Palmer families
  • Dark blue is Brandon
  • Light blue is Willoughby
  • Orange is the Steeles
  • Brown is real locations