Season 1: Pride and Prejudice

From 2 February 2020 to 17 June 2020, we read through Pride and Prejudice. In every episide, we covered approximately six chapters of the book, and also looked at one character in detail, and some aspect of the historical context. Each episode finished with a discussion of how the chapters were addressed in the various popular culture versions of the book.

Episode 1: Chapters 1-6Mrs BennetClass and the neighbourhood
Episode 2: Chapters 7-12Charles BingleyAccomplishments
Episode 3: Chapters 13-18Mr CollinsEntails
Episode 4: Chapters 19-26Charlotte LucasThe marriage market
Episode 5: Chapters 27-34Fitzwilliam DarcyPresentation of livings to country rectors
Episode 6: Chapters 35-41Lydia BennetThe militia and the regular army
Episode 7: Chapters 42-46Elizabeth BennetLanded gentry
Episode 8: Chapters 47-52George WickhamMarriage settlements and marriage laws
Episode 9: Chapters 53-57Jane BennetWhat makes someone a gentleman
Episode 10: Chapters 58-61Mr BennetSocial changes in the nineteenth century

We also talked about the following popular culture versions in most episodes:

and these popular culture versions on more than one occasion: