Emma: Episode 10, Chapters 46-50

In this episode, we are joined by Harriet’s partner, Michael, and read chapters 46 to 50 of Emma. We talk about Emma’s emotional roller coaster, reactions to the Frank-Jane revelation, the proposal scene and Emma’s commitment to her father.

The character we discuss is Frank Churchill, and then Michael talks about the changing lifestyle of Regency gentleman. In the popular culture section, Harriet talks about three books that are modernised versions of Emma.

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6 thoughts on “<em>Emma</em>: Episode 10, Chapters 46-50”

  1. I very much enjoy your podcast and look forward to each release. I know it represents a great deal of hard work and research. Have you ever considered comparing Frank Churchill to Mr Willoughby and Pride and Prejudice, as they seem to me to be somewhat similar characters.

    • I’m glad you enjoy the podcast.
      I had to edit out a lot of our discussion about Frank Churchill, as it went on FAR too long. One of the bits I cut was about how there is usually someone like him in the books – Willoughby, Wickham, Henry Crawford and Mr Elliot. Charming, but placed in opposition to the hero. But the fascinating thing is that in spite of similarities, they are all so completely different from each other!

  2. I know it is speculation but do you think Emma and Mr.Knightly would have realized their attraction was greater than friendship is there had not been a Frank Churchill and a Harriet?

  3. Thank you so much for this podcast! I’ve enjoyed the back-and-forth on every episode and all the different angles you present to appreciate the stories. I am waiting breathlessly for persuasion!

    Also, not sure ir really fits in your framework, but I’d like sometime for somrone ro discuss two of Reginald Hill’s Austen – not sure how to describe them – tributes? Pictures of perfection and A Cure for All Diseases

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying it.

      A Cure for All Diseases is definitely on my list for when we get to Sanditon!

      Pictures of Perfection was actually the first Reginald Hill I ever read. It doesn’t fit quite so well into the format of our podcast. (Though having said that, I haven’t re-read it since way before we started the podcast. Maybe I should revisit it, to see if it can be worked in at some point.)


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