Emma: Episode 6, Chapters 27-31

In this episode, we read chapters 27 to 31 of Emma. We talk about the entwined group of people who visit one another, how so many scenes read differently the second time through, Miss Bates’s monologues, Jane and the piano, reactions to the plan of having a ball, and Emma encouraging Harriet to stop thinking about Mr Elton.

The character we discuss is Harriet Smith, and Ellen talks about illegitimacy. In the popular culture section, Harriet talks about the 1995 modernisation Clueless.

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Things we mention:

General discussion:

Character discussion:

Historical discussion:

Popular culture discussion:

  • Main version considered:
    • Paramount Pictures, Clueless (1995) – starring Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd
  • Other 1990s/2000s high school films based on classic literature
    • O (2001), based on Othello
    • She’s the Man (2006), based on Twelfth Night
    • Easy A (2010), based on The Scarlet Letter

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  1. First time commenter, love the podcast!!

    When it comes to Josh’s age in Clueless, he is at least confirmed to be a freshman at university. At one point Cher quips at him “freshman psych rears its ugly head” and he says that he’s not taking psych. So he’s probably 18 or an early 19 at the oldest. Still more of an age gap than strictly ideal at that age, but they were at least in high school at the same time. A good bit better than if he were a 20 year old junior!


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