Emma: Episode 5, Chapters 22-26

In this episode, we read chapters 22 to 26 of Emma. We talk about Frank’s arrival, the dinner at the Coles, and the way so much looks different in a second reading.

The characters we discuss are Mr and Mrs Weston, including a consideration of what we know of Mrs Weston’s pregnancy. Ellen talks about social customs, including calling and dinner parties. In the popular culture section, Harriet talks about the 2020 Working Title Films adaptation of Emma.

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2 thoughts on “<em>Emma</em>: Episode 5, Chapters 22-26”

  1. Hello!

    First of all I would like to congratulate you on your high quality podcast, I enjoy every minute of it! Yours is the best Jane Austen podcast ever <3

    I was so glad to hear that I am not the only one who was quite unimpressed by the 2020 Emma, because on social media I had read mostly positive reviews. I had a similar feeling that Harriet expressed: this adaptation was regrettably shallow. Even though I found it amusing while watching, it couldn't make me involved. I smiled at some scenes, but I did not really care about these people.
    Turning Mr. Knightley into a drama queen was not a great idea, and also highly uncharacteristic. He acted like a teenage boy, not a mature gentleman. Unfortunately I could not like Emma either, not to mention the inexcusable nosebleed scene.

    And as far as the red cloaks are concerned, they unnecessarily gave me major The Handmaid's Tale vibes 😀

    So in spite of having some funny scenes and spot on casting in the minor roles (I rather liked Josh O'Connor's Elton, and Miranda Hart as Miss Bates) this adaptation was just a beautifully photographed and very decorative film, but without a soul.

    I'm looking forward to your next episode!

  2. I wrote a post on Regency dinner parties before I listened to this, but after it came out. But you still might like it. There’s lots of photos of the crazy suggested layouts, menus, and a few recipes. Plus some good details.

    -First, every single thing on the table was removed and a silver dish with rose water was passed around the table for guests to dip their napkins in and “refresh” their mouths and fingertips.
    -Then the tablecloth was taken away and the desserts were brought out.
    -There’s a whole other thing going on with the wines, too. Little decanters of water with inverted tumblers sit at every other chair… it’s wild.



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