Summary of episodes to date

Since it’s going to be a couple of months before our Emma season, I thought I’d put up a clickable list of the episodes in our first three seasons, for easy reference.

Season 1: Pride and Prejudice

2 February 2020 to 17 June 2020

Episode 1: Chapters 1-6Mrs BennetClass and the neighbourhood
Episode 2: Chapters 7-12Charles BingleyAccomplishments
Episode 3: Chapters 13-18Mr CollinsEntails
Episode 4: Chapters 19-26Charlotte LucasThe marriage market
Episode 5: Chapters 27-34Fitzwilliam DarcyPresentation of livings to country rectors
Episode 6: Chapters 35-41Lydia BennetThe militia and the regular army
Episode 7: Chapters 42-46Elizabeth BennetLanded gentry
Episode 8: Chapters 47-52George WickhamMarriage settlements and marriage laws
Episode 9: Chapters 53-57Jane BennetWhat makes someone a gentleman
Episode 10: Chapters 58-61Mr BennetSocial changes in the nineteenth century

Season 2: Sense and Sensibility

27 December 2020 to 28 June 2021

Episode 1: Chapters 1-5John and Fanny DashwoodWills and marriage settlements
Episode 2: Chapters 6-11Mrs JenningsHow the gentry spent their time
Episode 3: Chapters 12-15Colonel BrandonThe military in the East Indies
Episode 4: Chapters 16-20Mr and Mrs PalmerSensibility and romanticism
Episode 5: Chapters 21-25Lucy and Anne SteeleChildhood
Episode 6: Chapters 26-31Marianne DashwoodDuelling
Episode 7: Chapters 32-36Mrs DashwoodLondon
Episode 8: Chapters 37-41Edward FerrarsThe clergy
Episode 9: Chapters 42-46John WilloughbyMedical practitioners
Episode 10: Chapters 47-50Elinor DashwoodArt, music and writing

Season 3: Mansfield Park

23 November 2021 to 6 November 2022

Episode 1: Chapters 1-3Mrs NorrisSlavery
Episode 2: Chapters 4-7Mary CrawfordBaronets, MPs and ‘interest’
Episode 3: Chapters 8-11Maria and Julia BertramImprovement of estates
Episode 4: Chapters 12-16Tom BertramThe theatre
Episode 5: Chapters 17-21Sir Thomas BertramClergy
Episode 6: Chapters 22-25Dr and Mrs Grant The Navy
Episode 7: Chapters 26-30 Lady BertramComing out, balls and dancing
Episode 8: Chapters 31-34Henry CrawfordOrdination
Episode 9: Chapters 35-39Edmund BertramThe Marines
Episode 10: Chapters 40-45The Price familyServants
Episode 11: Chapters 46-48Fanny Price Education and principle

3 thoughts on “Summary of episodes to date”

  1. I’ve just finished listening to your Podcasts on Pride and Prejudice and i just had to let you both know that I loved it and enjoyed it immensely.

    Listening to your discussions i am inspired to read the book yet again -I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve read it already.
    Thank you for sharing your discussions on Jane Austen books with the rest of us Austenites. ??

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. We have now started recording our Emma season, and hope to have the first episode live some time next month.

  3. I am doing a “Novel to Movie” series on Jane Austen for the library. I cannot tell you how much i love listening to your podcast. When i am reading i long to be there to contest a point with you or engage in discussion. Doing Mansfield right now and i so wish to contest your rather benign view of miss crawford. What a delight it would be to be there. Thanks so much. Please do more. I have listened to several podcasts twice and will be making notes.


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