Summary of episodes to date

Since it’s going to be a couple of months before our Emma season, I thought I’d put up a clickable list of the episodes in our first three seasons, for easy reference.

Season 1: Pride and Prejudice

2 February 2020 to 17 June 2020

Episode 1: Chapters 1-6Mrs BennetClass and the neighbourhood
Episode 2: Chapters 7-12Charles BingleyAccomplishments
Episode 3: Chapters 13-18Mr CollinsEntails
Episode 4: Chapters 19-26Charlotte LucasThe marriage market
Episode 5: Chapters 27-34Fitzwilliam DarcyPresentation of livings to country rectors
Episode 6: Chapters 35-41Lydia BennetThe militia and the regular army
Episode 7: Chapters 42-46Elizabeth BennetLanded gentry
Episode 8: Chapters 47-52George WickhamMarriage settlements and marriage laws
Episode 9: Chapters 53-57Jane BennetWhat makes someone a gentleman
Episode 10: Chapters 58-61Mr BennetSocial changes in the nineteenth century

Season 2: Sense and Sensibility

27 December 2020 to 28 June 2021

Episode 1: Chapters 1-5John and Fanny DashwoodWills and marriage settlements
Episode 2: Chapters 6-11Mrs JenningsHow the gentry spent their time
Episode 3: Chapters 12-15Colonel BrandonThe military in the East Indies
Episode 4: Chapters 16-20Mr and Mrs PalmerSensibility and romanticism
Episode 5: Chapters 21-25Lucy and Anne SteeleChildhood
Episode 6: Chapters 26-31Marianne DashwoodDuelling
Episode 7: Chapters 32-36Mrs DashwoodLondon
Episode 8: Chapters 37-41Edward FerrarsThe clergy
Episode 9: Chapters 42-46John WilloughbyMedical practitioners
Episode 10: Chapters 47-50Elinor DashwoodArt, music and writing

Season 3: Mansfield Park

23 November 2021 to 6 November 2022

Episode 1: Chapters 1-3Mrs NorrisSlavery
Episode 2: Chapters 4-7Mary CrawfordBaronets, MPs and ‘interest’
Episode 3: Chapters 8-11Maria and Julia BertramImprovement of estates
Episode 4: Chapters 12-16Tom BertramThe theatre
Episode 5: Chapters 17-21Sir Thomas BertramClergy
Episode 6: Chapters 22-25Dr and Mrs Grant The Navy
Episode 7: Chapters 26-30 Lady BertramComing out, balls and dancing
Episode 8: Chapters 31-34Henry CrawfordOrdination
Episode 9: Chapters 35-39Edmund BertramThe Marines
Episode 10: Chapters 40-45The Price familyServants
Episode 11: Chapters 46-48Fanny Price Education and principle

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