Bonus mini-episode – Rational Creatures co-creators

In this bonus mini-episode, Harriet has a discussion with three of the co-creators of webseries Rational Creatures.

This series, based on Persuasion, started in 2019, but then had to go on a long and unexpected hiatus due to the global pandemic.

Just as Jane Austen used her books to shed light on social issues of her time, RATIONAL CREATURES reflects the world around us now by including complex female characters, happy queer stories, mental and chronic illness, and a bisexual Latina lead.


The series paused after Episode 5, on 15 October 2019, and resumed on 20 September 2022. Shortly before this, Harriet was invited to have a conversation with three of the co-creators: Jessamyn Leigh, Anya Steiner and Hazel Jeffs.

You can check out Rational Creatures at:

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