Mansfield Park: Episode 7, Chapters 26-30

In this episode, we read Chapters 26 to 30 of Mansfield Park. We talk about Fanny’s preparations for the ball, the amber cross, her emotion reactions after Edmund gives her the chain, her post-ball meeting with Mary, and the scene where Henry tells Mary he plans to marry Fanny.

We discuss Lady Bertram, then Ellen talks about what is meant by being ‘out’, and Harriet follows this with some information about balls and dancing. Harriet also talks about how adaptations and modernisations treat these chapters.

Things we mention:

General and character discussion:

Historical discussion:

Popular culture discussion:

  • Adaptations:
    • BBC, Mansfield Park (1983) – starring Sylvestra Le Touzel and Nicholas Farrell (6 episodes)
    • Miramax, Mansfield Park (1999) – starring Frances O’Connor and Jonny Lee Miller
    • ITV, Mansfield Park (2007) – starring Billie Piper and Blake Ritson
  • Modernisations:

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4 thoughts on “<em>Mansfield Park</em>: Episode 7, Chapters 26-30”

  1. Hello, you mentioned a podcast that sounded like “The Daily and Nightly”. I’ve tried different spellings, but can’t find it and I don’t see it in the show notes here. Could you advise? BTW, I really enjoy your podcast!


  2. The dancing is fascinating. I remember seeing a documentary made for the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice where they attempted to recreated a historically accurate regency ball. They talked about dancing, food, shoes, lighting… I think it was called Pride and Prejudice- Having a Ball.

    • Thank you for this – it sounds really interesting, and I managed to miss it at the time (maybe it wasn’t shown on Australian television). I’ll have to try and watch it.


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