Mansfield Park: Episode 4, Chapters 12-16

In this episode, we read Chapters 12 to 16 of Mansfield Park. We talk about why Fanny refuses to act, why Edmund agrees to join in, the sheer amount of comedy in the scenes of the theatricals, and the Cinderella aspect of the plot.

We talk about Tom Bertram, and then Ellen looks at theatre in the Regency period, and why Fanny and Edmund disapprove of the the theatricals. Harriet talks about the popular culture versions, including some modernisations and a variation that she hasn’t looked at before.

Things we mention:

General and character discussion:

Historical discussion:

Popular culture discussion:

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  1. Yes, some JAFF sequels have been written about Tom Bertram. In at least two, he marries Susan Price. I wrote a short story about the period of time when Tom is away at the B___ races, called “The Address of a Frenchwoman.”


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