Sense and Sensibility: Episode 10, Chapters 47-50

In this episode, we read the final chapters of Sense and Sensibility. We talk about Elinor being the ‘moral spokesperson’ for the book, why Marianne marries Colonel Brandon, how Edward is less dashing than both Willoughby and Brandon, the social and financial gap between Elinor and Marianne after their marriages, and Lucy’s marriage to Robert. We also revisit the sense vs sensibility concept, and how the novel is both flawed and wonderful.

We discuss the character of Elinor, then Ellen talks about art, music and writing, and Harriet takes a final look at the popular culture versions.

Things we mention:


Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century women writers:

Adaptations of the book:

Modernisations of the book:

Creative commons music used:

2 thoughts on “<em>Sense and Sensibility</em>: Episode 10, Chapters 47-50”

  1. I’ve always felt that Elinor’s moral statement about Willoughby’s troubles stemming from his treatment of Eliza was pompous and heavy handed. Now I’m wondering: Willoughby forced her to listen to his defense, and pretty much gaslighted her – and after he left, she realized how much his excuses were hollow. Perhaps her statement here is her way of countering her weakness in softening to Willoughby before.


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