Sense and Sensibility: Episode 5, Chapters 21-25

In this episode, we read Chapters 21 to 25 of Sense and Sensibility. We talk about Jane Austen’s use of compound sentences, Lady Middleton’s concern with gentility, the verbal fencing match between Elinor and Lucy, Elinor’s emotions, and Mrs Jennings’ invitation to Elinor and Marianne.

We discuss Lucy and Anne Steele, and then Ellen talks about childhood in the time of Jane Austen. Harriet talks about adaptations, and two of the modernisations.

At the end of the episode, we respond to some listener feedback about the book Jane Austen, the Secret Radical. As an extension of this, you can read our analysis of the timeline around the birth of Eliza Williams.

Things we mention:


Adaptations of the book:

Modernisations of the book:

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