Sense and Sensibility: Episode 4, Chapters 16-20

In this episode, we read Chapters 16 to 20 of Sense and Sensibility. We talk about how Marianne indulges her feelings, whether Jane Austen knew what Marianne and Willoughby talked about before he left, the clearer picture we get of Edward in these chapters, and Edward’s invisible servant.

The characters we discuss are Mr and Mrs Palmer. Ellen talks about sensibility and romanticism, which leads into a discussion of Marianne and Elinor’s different views of feelings and behaviour. Harriet talks about adaptations, including the Bollywood modernisation, Kandukondain Kandukondain, which she has finally watched.

Things we mention:



Adaptations of the book:

Modernisations of the book:

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2 thoughts on “<em>Sense and Sensibility</em>: Episode 4, Chapters 16-20”

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying your podcast being a devoted Jane Austen fan. Have you read Helena Kelly’s book Jane Austen, The Secret Radical ? Her chapter on this novel I find to be extremely disturbing especially her analysis of Brandon and Edward. Have you read it ? Would you agree !

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcast. No, we had not read Jane Austen, The Secret Radical, but thank you for the recommendation. We will certainly look at it.


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