Sense and Sensibility: Episode 3, Chapters 12-15

In this episode, we read Chapters 12 to 15 of Sense and Sensibility. We talk about Margaret’s contribution to the plot, how Elinor and Marianne’s debate on sense vs sensibility moves from the theoretical to the practical, the linking of propriety with morality, how the mystery subplot is quite unusual in Jane Austen, and the nasty tone of some of Willoughby’s jokes about Colonel Brandon.

We discuss the character of Colonel Brandon, then Harriet’s partner Michael talks about the military, with a focus on service in the East Indies. Harriet talks about how adaptations and modernisations treat these chapters, and the presentation of Colonel Brandon.

Things we mention:


Adaptations of the book:

Modernisations of the book:

Variations on the book:

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1 thought on “<em>Sense and Sensibility</em>: Episode 3, Chapters 12-15”

  1. Hi,

    Great discussion!

    And thanks for pointing out the utter weirdness of Marianne being the sort-of guardian to Willoughby’s illegitimate child. But then again, Darcy also ends up being brother in law to the man who attempted to seduce his sister. So many elephants in the room that are never discussed – how very Chinese! 🙂

    And Colonel Brandon’s romantic background is so interesting. Can you imagine him standing in church watching his brother marry the woman he is in love with? How heart breaking it must have been for him. And then to learn of her subsequent unhappy marriage and decline.

    And why was it ok for Eliza to marry the brother but not Colonel Brandon? If the family disapproved of their relationship, then why was the relationship with the brother allowed?


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