Sense and Sensibility: Episode 2, Chapters 6-11

In this episode, we read Chapters 6 to 11 of Sense and Sensibility. We talk about how Barton Cottage and its location are described in some detail, consider how the bedrooms are shared out, the closeness between the two sisters in spite of their differences, the theme of sense vs sensibility, and the way Willoughby and Marianne criticise Colonel Brandon.

We discuss the character of Mrs Jennings, then Ellen talks about how members of the gentry spent their time, and Harriet talks about how adaptations and modernisations treat these chapters (including a discussion about how the Dashwoods have adapted to having less money). Harriet also gives an overview of the other Jane Austen podcasts that are out there.

Things we mention:


Adaptations of the book:

Modernisations of the book:

Other Jane Austen podcasts:

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