Pride and Prejudice: Chapters 53-57

In this episode, we talk about how Jane Austen keeps up the suspense so close to the end of the book, the fact that Kitty has almost forgotten who Mr Darcy is, Elizabeth’s embarrassment at her mother, Bingley and Mr Bennet shooting together, the physical descriptions of Longbourne, the question of how Lady Catherine got her news and the meeting between Lady Catherine and Elizabeth.

We discuss the character of Jane, then Ellen talks about what makes someone a gentleman, or gentlemanlike, and Harriet looks at how the adaptations deal with events such as Lady Catherine’s visit.

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2 thoughts on “<em>Pride and Prejudice</em>: Chapters 53-57”

  1. I discovered your delightful podcast this summer and have just finished it all up. I’m very much hoping you will start up the 2nd series soon. I have enjoyed the critical close reading and your discussions very much.

  2. I thought that Dame Judi Dench’s interpretation of Lady Catherine DeBourgh lacked humour, as did her interpretation of Lady Bracknell. She was more serious and scary than comic.


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