Pride and Prejudice: Chapters 13-18

In this episode, we talk about the arrivals of Mr Collins and Mr Wickham, and the Netherfield Ball: we consider how Mr Bennet didn’t give the family any warning about Mr Collins’s arrival, the number of letters in the book, the amount of foreshadowing we’ve seen, how Wickham was able to fool Elizabeth, and Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s conversation while dancing.

We discuss Mr Collins in some detail, and then Ellen talks about entails. Harriet looks at how Mr Colllins and Mr Wickham have been presented in the various film and television versions of Pride and Prejudice, and also how they deal with the Netherfield Ball.

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  • Illustration of Mr Collins by Philip Gough in a 1951 edition of Pride and Prejudice.
    Philip Gough illustration of Mr Collins, Mrs Bennet and Elizabeth.

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