Pride and Prejudice: Chapters 1-6

In this episode, we look at chapters 1 to 6 of Pride and Prejudice. We talk about how the book sets up the relationship between love and marriage, the way the characters are introduced so gradually, what we see in Darcy and the fact that we quickly learn how much money everyone has.

We discuss Mrs Bennet in some detail, and then Ellen talks about class in the early nineteenth century, and the type of neighbourhood Pride and Prejudice is set in. Harriet gives an overview of the pop culture versions of the book (dividing them into adaptations, modernisations, continuations and variations) and then looks at how some of them deal with the opening sentence, the period setting and the character of Mrs Bennet.

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2 thoughts on “<em>Pride and Prejudice</em>: Chapters 1-6”

  1. I have just discovered you all and am enjoying it greatly. As you were talking about adaptations I was hoping to hear a comment on how Elizabeth was portrayed in the 2005 version. I felt the way she was depicted made it feel more like a modernization. Maybe you all discuss this element in the upcoming chapters. I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

    • Hi Laura – Harriet here.
      Becuase the Pride and Prejudice episodes were quite some time ago, I can’t remember precisely what I said. I’m sure I would have spoken about the portrayal of Elizabeth, but it’s also possible that I ended up editing it down – or out – due to time constraints.

      It is interesting that you felt it was like a modernisation. Because one thing I felt (although didn’t say for the podcast) was that for some reason I found Kiera Knightley’s facial expressions very modern. I have no idea why, since facial muscles haven’t exactly changed. But there was just something about it …

      I didn’t mind her portrayal the first time I watched it (though I still preferred Jennifer Ehle!) but on subsequent viewings, I found it increasingly irritating.

      Overall, this is not my favourite adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, for a great many reasons. But it does have some elements I quite like. Including some elements I enjoy in and of themselves, even though they are (in my opinion) NOT AT ALL Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

      I’m so glad you are enjoying the podcast.


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